Dancing With Death's Daughter

Escape from Kobold Cave

3 -

I checked his dead body for find something I can use.
I found 4 gold pieces from a small skin bag and dried bugs that weren’t worth anything to me.
The leather armor he was wearing not my size but I took it just in case.
I felt really uncomfortable taking the items off the dead body.
I look through the small chests against the wall.
One of the chest’s lids was already slightly ajar, I opened it all the way, making a squeaking sound and peered inside there wasn’t nothing special.

I found a one handed mace, a chain shirt. In the other chest a small wooden shield, a short bow, arrows, and a quiver, which were quite ordinary.
I put on the chain shirt, and took the small wooden shield in my left hand.
I hooked the one handed mace on the left side of my belt to make it easier to grab for when I might need it. I put the other items in my inventory.

The barrels were looked like plain water tanks and the surface of the water reflected my torch light.
But one of the barrels’ reflection was odd. It looked like a metal reflection.
There was something small reflecting the torch light from the bottom of the barrel.
I dumped the water on the ground and it spraed through the room.
It was a ring.
I picked up the small ring from the ground and put it in my pocket.
When I stopped moving it was very silent.
I could here the sounds like a water flow continued.
The sound is not because of damped water.
It looks like a small stream on the wall down to the deep.
I looked around and saw some waterskins hanging on the wall. I took one and filled it up in the other barrel.As I was filling the waterskin, I couldn’t help but notice how calm and quiet the cave was. I could hear the water filling into the waterskin.

With my new gear, I was ready to explore the rest of the cave.
As I went down the other tunnel I thought that there should be someone there.
I slowed down and carefully looked around the corner.
There were three more enemies that looked just like lizard man that I just killed.
Unfortunately, one of them had already noticed me.
Damn it! am I not good at sneaking?
I ran in and swung my mace at the nearest one, but I didn’t feel it connect.
For God’s sake! Did I miss again?
The counter blow cut my leg a little bit.
I didn’t think it would be a good idea to continue swinging the same way.
Because, my attacks were easily anticipated.
I relaxed my muscles and gave a quick, precise swing at the monster.
My blow hit his head.
It smashed his head before he had time to even scream!

One down, three to go. There was one getting out of a sleeping bag. He must have woken up during the battle. The other two were running out the other side of the room.
All of them were running out of the room!
I chased them through the cave, but they split up at a fork in the road.
One path was dark and the other was lit with faint sunlight.
I followed the monsters that run towards the light.
They were having trouble opening a door that led outside.
I caught up to them and swung at him.
He escaped my blow and I almost broke the door.
The door was opened. It looked like a open field.

I escaped from the dark, wet place.
The cave was in a forest. The entrance was surrounded by the rocks.
The sunlight and wind blowing through the green levaes made me feel better.
But, I didn’t feel safe yet because there were people fighting in the green field outside the cave’s entrance.
Two people were fighting against some kobolds.



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