Dancing With Death's Daughter

The Lizard Man in the Cave

The torch light helped me see in the dark.
I decided to go and search the path with no light.
I was just hoping that I would be able to safely find some better equipment before encountering.

I went for a while down the dark path until I came to a door.
It was made out of wood, and it wasn’t locked.
Opening the door slowly and careflly, I found a large pillar in the middle of the room supporting the celling, and two chests against the right wall.
But it wasn’t all good news; I wasn’t the only person in the room.
Another torch light was coming from the other side of pillar.
Damn it!
There was someone else digging inside the chests. And he looked happy.

A lizard man!
Actually, I don’t know how to recognize if it’s a male or a female.
It wasn’t a good time to think about it.
I yelled at him “What are you doing? What’s up?”
He turned around, and looked at me.
He had a dagger. He started to laugh at me.
He said something, but I couldn’t understand.

He had a dagger and stared at me then laughing.
I decided to stop him from joining his colleagues who were probably somewhere in this cave.
This unlucky bastard was my first target.

I grabbed my dagger firmly then attacked it.
The lizard man dodged my swing easily.
But I couldn’t dodged his attack.
I got a substantial wound on my arm.
It really hurt, I could feel blood tricking down to my elbow.
I couldn’t control my body well.
What the hell was going on?
Why did I keep missing this bastard?
I tried stabbing him again, but my dagger only met the air.
The enemy’s retaliation was not keen, and I was easily able to move out of the way.

Lizard man slowly moved towards the door.
Let him go to the cave was obviously not a good idea.
He was going to join his companies somewhere in this cave.
This cave might be their home.

As we traded blows, the lizard man slowly moved towards the door.
Letting him leave the room was obviously not a good idea because he would join his
co-conspirators somewhere in the cave.
I ran and jumped over his head, and drove my dagger into his neck.
I could see his face change with the fear of death.
He became silent.
Now, I could feel safe again.



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