Dancing With Death's Daughter

The City of Dublin.
No money no life

I followed Chase to the church.
He looked like he needed to go meet with someone somewhere.
I had some random conversations with the people who were inside of this building.
But, there wasn’t anything interesting nor anything, so I had nothing to do until the night.
I decided to go outside.

I went to the billboard and checked the posters.
There were 3 posters.
The first one was an old wanted poster for a bandit leader, dead or alive.
“Hummmm…”, I thought to myself,“That 50,000 gold bounty looks pretty good.”

The next was from someone looking for people to help him find new flavors.
“A gourmet treasure hunt? Ramen Chya-Shyu pork hunting.. something like that?

The last one …I forgot.
I guess, it’s not my taste.

When I was wondering what next to do and how best to prepare for the next adventure,
the tall tower made itself noticed.
I remembered it was a magic school, and that I had a ring with a special aura about it.
I thought there might be someone who could detect what this ring does.
I knocked on the door, but there was no response.
I said hello and opened the entrance door.
Inside was a reception room.

The room was surrounded by a stone walls without windows.
The room was lit despite though there were no lamps or torches in the room.
There were 4 wooden doors in the walls.
A square shaped red carpet covered the floor, and there is a large wooden desk was in the middle of the carpet.
And there was a hard-working broom sweeping the floor without any help…!
“That’s the spirit! What’s your name? ", I asked it.
“…..”, Of course it didn’t reply.
“Oh that’s a bummer!”
He could sweep a floor, but not talk.
I named him Roomba.
If he could talk someone that would be the best receptionist for a Magic school.
But, because he couldn’t, there definitely should have been someone to greet visitors.
One of the doors opened and a man came out.

“Greetings, sir. What Can I help you with today?”, he asked.
“I have a ring that I feel has a special aura about it. Is it possible for you to detect what it does?”, I asked him.
“Sure, let me have a quick look at it.”, he requested.“Oh, It is very interesting. If you allow me to take this ring for one day, we should be bale to identify it.”
“This spell normally costs 15 or so gold to cast. I feel that your ring might be worth one hundred gold or even more.”
I remembered just how empty my coin purse was and replied “I don’t have much money now.”
“Okay, how about you let me use your ring as a homework assignment for my students, and I’ll give you a discount. We can perform the spell for just 5 gold.”
“Are you proposing to use my ring as a study material for your students?”
“That’s not bad. But Honestly I don’t have a money. Nothing.”
He stood speechless.
“Thank you for your proposal, but I’ll come again later. Can I take my ring back?”, I asked.
“Oh, sure.”, he handed over the ring. We await your return! May Amaterasu bless you!", he called, as I walked away.
I went outside. It was dark already.
How long was I in that building?
It seemed only a few minutes to me, but apparently looked a few hours has passed.
Oh well, I thought to myself, and headed to the “Laughing Oger” to meet with Chase and Rose

The way to Dublin

Chase went to Rose’s side and took care of her as much as he could.
His spell can cure physical damage immediately, but she didn’t wake up.
She needed a good night’s rest.
Actually, we were all exhausted, so all that we could do that night was to get a good rest.
We hoped there would be no more fighting and wouldn’t have to move.

The kidnapped people were gathering around the entrance of the cave.
They talked with each other and looked very relaxed.
Eventually, they were relieved from the fear of the monsters and endless hard work.

We had a short conversation about how to spend the night and plan for the trip back.
Dublin was about 2 days away on foot.
We thought that it was not a good idea to fall asleep in the wild field.
We decided to a rest in the cave.
There was a small room with a campfire and some sleeping bags.
The pot on the fire didn’t smell very good.
I wasn’t familiar with this smell, but I could say that it was bad.
The kidnapped people were starting to share the soup and ate it without hesitation.
The soup was served to Chase, Rose, and me.
I scooped my soup and brought it to my mouth.
Oh, Damn it! It tasted so bad! I almost threw up everything in my stomach.
“Oh, what the hell is this furry tail?! A squirrel? Are those… ears?!
Is this a fucking rabbit?!”, I blurted out.
I was wondering how the people could eat it so easily.
Chase and Rose looked at each other and stopped moving their spoons.
We all felt the same way.
I guess, the kidnapped people must have had gotten used to this soup taste.
This must have been the only way they could have survived in this cave as slaves.
The Kobolds must have served this kind of food to the people to keep them working as slaves.
That’s the only explanation that makes sense or, maybe,
The kobolds thought this was the best food to serve people.

I was, apparently, lucky to not have woken up and be fed this disgusting food.
We spent some time relaxing and chitchatting before everyone went to the sleeping bag.
The small room got quiet.
I couldn’t hear anything but the burning camp fire.
Now it was time to fall asleep.
But the misery of this cave knew no bounds.
The sleeping bags smelled like moldy wet cats.

Damn it! I couldn’t fall asleep with this God-awful smell.
I gave up on using the stinky sleeping bag.
I knew that I wouldn’t be able to get any sleep in such a wretched place.
But I couldn’t recall anything even a minute after laying down in that God-forsaken sleeping bag.
After a while, I felt someone looking at my face.
I could feel his breath near my face.
It smelled like bug soup.
I had trouble seeing what it was, but this smell like Kobold.
Damn it! I thought I had killed them all.
I opened my eyes and went to take my weapon, but I couldn’t move the way I wanted.
I still couldn’t recognize what it was.
The shadow grabbed a dagger, tackled me, and thrusted it into my chest.
The fear gripped me, paralyzing me.
I couldn’t feel the pain anymore, just his breath.
Suddenly, I was released from my bindings.
I snapped up, and the fire was burning, and the walls were reflecting its light.
It was just a nightmare, nothing more.
There was no monster, and I was completely fine.
Everyone kept sleeping.
I didn’t feel good enough to close my eyes, but it didn’t take a long time for me to fall back asleep.

When I woke up again everyone had begun already started talking about what next to do.
It seemed like they had decided to go to Dublin.
Rose woke up, but she still needed Chase’s support to sit up.
It seemed like she too had recovered from her nightmare.
He cast healing spell on her.
We all slowly made our way out of the cave.
The air was fresh and the sunlight made us feel good.
The way to Dublin took us through the woods.
We headed north for quite some time.
These woods were not very thick and there was a path leading north,
so it wasn’t difficult to get to the major road.
Something or someone must use this path often.
This must have been the path that the kobolds used to attack the merchants traveling the road.
We went through the woods and came to the major road heading to Dublin.
It went through a long clearing, and we floowed it east.
A half of a day later, the landscape changed from the woods turned into a grassy littered with rock field.
As night began to fall, we rested in the field. We made camp in the field
The view was beautiful.
I felt like what happened to me was already a long time past.
After a few more hours the sun went down and it was getting dark outside.
Wolves were howling.
Our party decided to get rest on the green field that night.
Chase asked everyone to help him make a camp fire.
We needed the campfire to keep animals away and warm us up during the night.
Some of the people brought rocks to make a fire pit and the others brought some berries small game to eat.
Those guys really got used to survival life.
Chase, Rose and I decided to take turns taking watch 3 hours at a rime.
I wanted uninterrupted sleep, so I took watch for the first 3 hours.
Nothing happened during my watch.
That was a good start.
I woke up Chase. I hoped no one would disturb my slumber.
I closed my eyes and could still feel the light of the camp fire.
The field crickets chirping.
After what seemed like just a minute, someone started waking me up.
“Damn it!” I said “I don’t wanna get up until the sun rises!”
But I quickly realized everyone was ready to go.
Ooops, I had apparently fallen asleep so deeply that it took them quite some time to wake me up.
Everyone started traveling to Dublin so did I.

After walking for half a day, someone came from the opposite direction of the road.
They looked like merchants with a donkey carrying their wares.
Perhaps they had come from Dublin.
We encountered in the middle of the road.
They all wore robes, but the two that weren’t speaking kept their hoods up,
Casting shadows on their faces, preventing me from seeing what they looked like.
One of them started to speak to us. He was very kindly, but he spoke in a weird way.
His voice was higher pitched than I had expected.
The man who was talking started pitching his products to Chase.
He was eagerly trying to sell whatever he could, but it
Looked Chase didn’t have an interest in his merchandise.
I, however, was interested in one of his items. “Hey, do you have any cure potions?”
“Sure, sure!, You are interested in potions, aren’t you?” he said.
His hand started digging out something from his pouch.
The pouch must have been messy. He couldn’t find what he wanted very quickly.
“Got it! He finally exclaimed. Here you are! A red potion.
This one is good. I can sell to you for 7 gold”
“I only have 4 gold. Oh well, thank you sincerely anyway.”
“Oh! 4 gold?! But 7 gold is already a great discount! After all,… blah, blah…, the man kept talking and talking, but I just tuned him out.
But, he gave me a look, and caught my attention “By the way, you said thanks sincerely, right?”
I said"Yes. I did."
“All right. Deal! "
I told him thanks, and gave him 4 gold.
He smiled and turned back to the road.
“Do you realize he was a Necromancer, right?” Chase asked me.
“What? I didn’t notice at all.”
“Look, You could only see the shadow of the leader and the donkey, the other two of his servants didn’t cast their shadows.”,he said.
“I see. If that’s true, it’s interesting a Necromancer who can control the dead body was next to me.”
“You are a lucky guy.
If he had gotten mad with your haggling,we might have had big trouble with them.”,he said.
“But, I’m a little curious about what you said.”
“What do you mean?”
“You said ‘sincerely’, right? Perhaps that 3 gold discount he gave you wasn’t actually a discount.”, Chase mused.
“Maybe he took something from you without you realizing.”
“Like what?”,I asked.
“For example, a small piece of your soul or something like that.”, Chase answered.
“Damn it! Why didn’t tell me when I was talking to him?”
“Hey, hey easy tiger. It’s just a joke.”,he said.
“It’s not funny, dumbass.”

Finally, we arrived in Dublin.
This city looked well organized by the mayor.
The main street was wide enough for a large horse wagon.
Dublin must have mainly developed through trade.
There was a statue of Amaterasu in the center of a small Court on the north side of town.
Chase explained that he was a cleric of this church.
The statue served as a sundial, with the Sun Goddess serving as the gnomon.
I heard that around 10 in the morning, the court is full of women gossiping
, and around 3pm, there are many workers talking with each other over tea.
The kidnapped people said thank you to us and went to the mayor’s office to report what had happened to them.
Chase and Rose said that they were going to the Church.
I decided to go with them because I had no money.
I thought the Church might give me a place to stay for a while.

===> to be continued.

Escape from Kobold Cave

3 -

I checked his dead body for find something I can use.
I found 4 gold pieces from a small skin bag and dried bugs that weren’t worth anything to me.
The leather armor he was wearing not my size but I took it just in case.
I felt really uncomfortable taking the items off the dead body.
I look through the small chests against the wall.
One of the chest’s lids was already slightly ajar, I opened it all the way, making a squeaking sound and peered inside there wasn’t nothing special.

I found a one handed mace, a chain shirt. In the other chest a small wooden shield, a short bow, arrows, and a quiver, which were quite ordinary.
I put on the chain shirt, and took the small wooden shield in my left hand.
I hooked the one handed mace on the left side of my belt to make it easier to grab for when I might need it. I put the other items in my inventory.

The barrels were looked like plain water tanks and the surface of the water reflected my torch light.
But one of the barrels’ reflection was odd. It looked like a metal reflection.
There was something small reflecting the torch light from the bottom of the barrel.
I dumped the water on the ground and it spraed through the room.
It was a ring.
I picked up the small ring from the ground and put it in my pocket.
When I stopped moving it was very silent.
I could here the sounds like a water flow continued.
The sound is not because of damped water.
It looks like a small stream on the wall down to the deep.
I looked around and saw some waterskins hanging on the wall. I took one and filled it up in the other barrel.As I was filling the waterskin, I couldn’t help but notice how calm and quiet the cave was. I could hear the water filling into the waterskin.

With my new gear, I was ready to explore the rest of the cave.
As I went down the other tunnel I thought that there should be someone there.
I slowed down and carefully looked around the corner.
There were three more enemies that looked just like lizard man that I just killed.
Unfortunately, one of them had already noticed me.
Damn it! am I not good at sneaking?
I ran in and swung my mace at the nearest one, but I didn’t feel it connect.
For God’s sake! Did I miss again?
The counter blow cut my leg a little bit.
I didn’t think it would be a good idea to continue swinging the same way.
Because, my attacks were easily anticipated.
I relaxed my muscles and gave a quick, precise swing at the monster.
My blow hit his head.
It smashed his head before he had time to even scream!

One down, three to go. There was one getting out of a sleeping bag. He must have woken up during the battle. The other two were running out the other side of the room.
All of them were running out of the room!
I chased them through the cave, but they split up at a fork in the road.
One path was dark and the other was lit with faint sunlight.
I followed the monsters that run towards the light.
They were having trouble opening a door that led outside.
I caught up to them and swung at him.
He escaped my blow and I almost broke the door.
The door was opened. It looked like a open field.

I escaped from the dark, wet place.
The cave was in a forest. The entrance was surrounded by the rocks.
The sunlight and wind blowing through the green levaes made me feel better.
But, I didn’t feel safe yet because there were people fighting in the green field outside the cave’s entrance.
Two people were fighting against some kobolds.

The Lizard Man in the Cave

The torch light helped me see in the dark.
I decided to go and search the path with no light.
I was just hoping that I would be able to safely find some better equipment before encountering.

I went for a while down the dark path until I came to a door.
It was made out of wood, and it wasn’t locked.
Opening the door slowly and careflly, I found a large pillar in the middle of the room supporting the celling, and two chests against the right wall.
But it wasn’t all good news; I wasn’t the only person in the room.
Another torch light was coming from the other side of pillar.
Damn it!
There was someone else digging inside the chests. And he looked happy.

A lizard man!
Actually, I don’t know how to recognize if it’s a male or a female.
It wasn’t a good time to think about it.
I yelled at him “What are you doing? What’s up?”
He turned around, and looked at me.
He had a dagger. He started to laugh at me.
He said something, but I couldn’t understand.

He had a dagger and stared at me then laughing.
I decided to stop him from joining his colleagues who were probably somewhere in this cave.
This unlucky bastard was my first target.

I grabbed my dagger firmly then attacked it.
The lizard man dodged my swing easily.
But I couldn’t dodged his attack.
I got a substantial wound on my arm.
It really hurt, I could feel blood tricking down to my elbow.
I couldn’t control my body well.
What the hell was going on?
Why did I keep missing this bastard?
I tried stabbing him again, but my dagger only met the air.
The enemy’s retaliation was not keen, and I was easily able to move out of the way.

Lizard man slowly moved towards the door.
Let him go to the cave was obviously not a good idea.
He was going to join his companies somewhere in this cave.
This cave might be their home.

As we traded blows, the lizard man slowly moved towards the door.
Letting him leave the room was obviously not a good idea because he would join his
co-conspirators somewhere in the cave.
I ran and jumped over his head, and drove my dagger into his neck.
I could see his face change with the fear of death.
He became silent.
Now, I could feel safe again.

The Beginning
A Needle in a Haystack

A cold breeze made woke me in the dark.
It wasn’t completely dark, I could see my surroundings, but, my entire body felt sore.
Oooops, I noticed I was tied to the chair.
What the hell was going on? I couldn’t remember anything.
Something terrible thing must have happened to me.

I was slowly getting used to being in the dark and torch light was helping me see a little.
The rope that tied me down to the chair was of pretty poor quality.

I tried to break the rope with my arms.
Just as I was about to give up, the rope broke with a dull noise.

(I flexed as hard as I could, and just as I thought I couldn’t push any harder, I heard a dull snap, and was able to get free.)

I was free!
I grabbed the torch and looked around carefully.
I was in a cave that smelled nasty and there was something that looked like blood on the ground next to a large pile of hay.

In the hay stack, I could see something shiny.
I went there and found a small iron dagger, it was literally a needle in a hay stack.
But actually, It’s not so difficult to find a dagger.

Not the best of weapons, but it should be better than my bare knuckles.

There was only one way out of the room, a wooden door, and it was locked.

Again, the door was of poor quality.

I could break it by slamming into it with my shoulder, but that would be a bad idea.

I don’t want to make a noise because I sitll didn’t know whether my situation is safe or not.
It probably wasn’t.

I took a rock from the ground and hit the lock twice.
Damn it! It’s still made quite a big noise.
Oh well, either way, the door was open.
I left the room that I was tied up in, and went down a cave tunnel.
After a minute or so, it split into two paths.
There was light coming from the right path, but the left path was dark.

To be continued


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